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Rose Constantine - Corporate Nutrtitionist Workshops

Corporate Nutritionist Workshops

Did you know that menstruating women have their periods for about 60 days a year?

Take that number and multiply it by the number of women in your business – the figure might surprise you!

While some women get through each cycle symptom free, others do not, and reports show that on average menstruating women experience 9 days of lost productivity per year due to menstrual health issues.

How could your team benefit?

Women don’t need to accept period pain, irregular periods, and PMS as part of everyday life. There is often a dietary and/or lifestyle link to these symptoms, and my job is to help them find it.

Through my corporate nutritionist workshops, I aim to improve women’s health and wellbeing, and in turn increase productivity.

Topics could include:

Introduction to Fertility Awareness

PMS, period pain and irregular periods

Menstrual health and the gut connection

Making your cycle work around your work life

Perimenopause and menopause

Hormone 101 for men

One hour webinar

This is a webinar covering your chosen topic with 10 minutes for Q&A

£150 or 3 for £400

One hour workshop

My 60-minute face-to-face sessions include materials to take home, food samples and a 10-minute Q&A

£150 or 3 for £700

Cooking workshop

During this 90-minute workshop we will make and share food while discussing your chosen topic

£350 (plus recipe cost)

Full day workshop

Give your team the chance to chat one-to-one about their health issues by providing a day of 30-minute slots to discuss their problems in more detail


Let’s talk specifics

If you think your team could benefit from a corporate nutritionist workshop, get in touch for an informal chat!