The Positive Period Project

Work with me to overcome the period problems (irregular cycles, low mood & debilitating pain) that cast a shadow over many of the best bits of life, so that you can focus on the people, passions & ambitions most important to you.

Why work with a Menstrual Cycle Nutritionist?

Did you know that period pain, irregular periods and PMS do not need to be accepted as part of being a woman?

There is usually a reason you are experiencing these symptoms and often there is also a dietary and/or lifestyle link.

My job as a menstrual cycle nutritionist is to work with you to discover this link and overcome menstrual cycle irregularities.

I can also help you to increase your chances of conception or your ability to naturally avoid it (without the need for contraceptives!).

The Positive Period Project takes place over a 6-month period and includes a comprehensive introduction to the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM).

My aim is to educate you on charting your cycle. I will teach you how to interpret your charts and create a roadmap for improving your health.

Rose Constantine, Menstrual Cycle Nutritionist

An investment in your long-term health

This is a journey to understanding your body better, and a process that will help you to harness the power of your hormones throughout your menstruating years.

We’ll focus on dietary changes, address nutrient deficiencies and hormonal imbalances, improve lifestyle factors and much more.

The Positive Period Project

What’s included?

At least 8 private consults over a 6 month period – more will be offered for no additional cost (if needed) within the 6 months

A full nutrition and lifestyle assessment

Unlimited support between consults via audio or messaging

Learn how to chart your cycle using the fertility awareness method 

Build a you-shaped way of eating that support you and your body’s needs

20% discount on any supplements or tests that are needed

A bespoke resource pack at the end of each consult which will contain all the information you need to achieve your goals

Payment Option 1:

1 x £1087

Payment Option 2:

6 x £183

To find out more book a free, 30 minute discovery call so that you can check whether working with a menstrual cycle nutritionist is the right option for you.

Tackle your PMS in three simple steps

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