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by | Jul 3, 2023

Hello and welcome to my first blog!

I sat at my desk deciding what you might like me to write and decided to reach out to a client who I had just had a session with. She said “talk about the fact that you’re not going crazy…I notice a lot of my friends experience menstrual symptoms but until recently we didn’t speak about it and we all thought we weren’t normal…”. 

The impact that our hormones have on us mentally can be huge and yet we rarely speak about it with our friends or family perhaps because we feel ashamed that we have not got a grip on it.

So here is my story which I hope will make you feel less alone.

After having my daughter I started to experience incredibly low mood for periods of time which led me to sob for no reason and forget simple things…Like putting her nappy on before leaving the house! I was mortified that I would forget such a thing and so angry with myself for feeling like I wasn’t coping. After six months I said to my husband “I just can’t go on feeling like this…”.

This led me to speak with a doctor who suggested the pill or antidepressants, but this didn’t feel to me like it would fix the route cause. I knew there was something menstrual related to what I was feeling as it seemed to happen at the same time each cycle.

It was only after googling and scrolling Instagram that I fell upon the term PMDD, this was a light bulb moment, I felt huge relief because I had a name for what I was experiencing and, maybe that meant that I wasn’t crazy after all.

Now, two years on having completed a course to specialise in women’s hormones and menstrual health I have overcome PMDD, it took work and the acceptance of change, but the biggest factor was realising I wasn’t alone and there was something I could do about it. There is an incredible community of women who are doing everything they can to champion women’s health and raise awareness of the support available. Sadly they can be hard to find.

If you are experiencing low mood, there are four things you need to know…

  1. You are not crazy
  2. You are not alone
  3. Your hormones could be playing a role
  4. There is something you can do about it

I really hope this provides a light bulb moment to other women going through a tough time. Please pass this on to any other women that you think needs to hear this!

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