Suffolk Nutritionist Appointments

If you are looking for a nutritionist online anywhere in the world or face to face in Suffolk. I can help!

Rose Constantine, Suffolk Nutritionist

Online Nutrition Support

If you are looking for online support you are in the right place. I work with clients all over the world using a brilliant platform which allows us to hold video consults, share food diaries, supplement protocols, testing and any other resources you need as well as instant messaging for when you need support between sessions.

See package options below to find the one that suits your needs or arrange a free discovery call to discuss what might suit you best.

Looking for a Suffolk Nutritionist?

I offer face-to-face appointments from my comfortable and welcoming clinics at my home clinic in Halesworth, at Southwold Treatment Rooms in Southwold and at Tollgate Healthcare in Melton, Woodbridge.

You do not need a referral from your GP, however, if you would like me to, it may be possible for me to work collaboratively with your health practitioner, therapist, or chiropractor for a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing.

Rose Constantine, Suffolk Nutritionist

Looking for a Suffolk nutritionist or online nutritionist but not for a period health issue?

If you are no longer cycling or need help with something other than female specific health issues I can help. Whilst I specialise in womens health issues like menstrual health and fertility, I also support people who are looking to understand their health and how to support it better.

I can help with gut health issues like IBS, SIBO as well as, fatigue, menopause symptoms, diabetes and so much more. The packages below will be suitable for you and will simply just not cover the menstrual cycle charting element.

Let’s find the right package for you…

The Positive Period Project

If you are looking to address period or fertility issues, then The Positive Period Project is for you. Check out The Positive Period Project page to find out more about what this entails. Below you will find a list of what is included in the package.

6 months of one to one coaching

8 consults

£1087 (or 6 payments of £183)

3 Month Coaching Package


If you are looking to address a health issue but you aren’t cycling anymore or it is not specific to women’s health you can sign up for my three month coaching package. See below for what else is included.

3 months of one to one coaching

6 consults

£646 (or 3 payments of £233)

All packages include your consults plus you will also…

  • Have a full nutrition, lifestyle and health history assessment
  • Get unlimited messaging support between booked consults
  • Build a you-shaped way of eating that support you and your body’s needs
  • Get a 20% discount on any supplements or tests that are needed
  • Be given a resource pack at the end of each consult which will contain all the information you need to achieve your goals

Looking to book a one off nutrition consultation?

You can book individual consults at the following rates…
    • Initial consult: £200
    • 60 minute follow up: £120
    • 30 minute follow up: £80
This includes…
    • A full nutrition, lifestyle and health history assessment (completed at initial consult)
    • Unlimited messaging support between booked follow ups (60 or 30 minute)
    • A 20% discount on any supplements or tests that are needed
    • A resource pack after each consult with all the information you need to achieve your goals (recipes, nutrient guides etc)

Want to work with a Suffolk Nutritionist?

Book a free, 30 minute call to discuss your needs