Rose Constantine, Women’s Nutritionist

Becoming a Women’s Nutritionist

After giving birth to my daughter, I began to notice some changes to my physical and mental health. After a while I realised that these issues were cyclical, and as a nutritionist this interested me.

So, I decided to learn more about my own reproductive health and after carrying out a lot of research I made some diet and lifestyle changes.

Within a month of making them, all my symptoms had disappeared!

Rose Constantine, Women's Nutritionist
Rose Constantine, Fertility Nutritionist

Through my own personal journey with postnatal hormonal imbalances, I realised that there was a lack of knowledge from doctors and nurses regarding women’s health.

After resolving my own issues, I decided that I wanted to use my experience to support other women going through similar struggles. 

I have been a registered AfN nutritionist since 2015 but in 2021 I completed a Fertility Awareness Mastery Mentorship course and certified as a fertility awareness coach (FAMM).

Now I use my expertise as a nutritionist to support women to use their menstrual cycles as a vital sign for understanding their overall health.

I do this by teaching women to chart their menstrual cycles and in turn nurture their health.

To me, being a women’s nutritionist is the most rewarding job ever – I love helping other women to shift their focus away from, “how do I look?” to “how do I feel?”

There’s nothing more empowering than understanding your body and feeling in control of your own wellbeing.

Rose Constantine - Fertility Nutritionist

My Qualifications

I have 9 years’ experience as a practicing nutritionist, but also hold qualifications in these areas:

BSc in Nutrition from the University of Surrey

Registered AfN nutritionist

FAMM Certified Practitioner

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